Honeymoon Day 4: The Springs in Spring

(Did you see Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3? Well check them out! Now!) As Bryan said, our second cabin was not as impressive as we’d hoped. I much preferred the first cabin, but we didn’t plan to stay in our lodging that much, so it would do. Even before our alarms went off to wake us up, we were awoken by the light coming in from the sky lights in our bedroom. I could have slept longer, but the sunshine was just too inviting, so up we got! Right away, it was into the car to head down to Cripple Creek and Manitou Springs for the day! I just love the mountain air, that’s for sure! Even if we weren’t seeing as many mountains as before, they were still there in the distance (and we went over some p

Honeymoon Day 3: Ride the Line!

(New here? Check out Part 1 and Part 2) On day 3 of our honeymoon we said goodbye to cabin #1 and traveled to our home for the second half of our trip. But we couldn't just go straight there -- we had to take the scenic route! After some extensive pre-research (presearch?) I discovered that a route through the mountains also happens to take us through several can't-miss attractions, including a few we didn't even plan on! Our first stop was to find a post office to mail some postcards. We saw a sign for "Ward Post Office" and hung a left. We found ourselves in Ward, Colorado (population 150 in the 2010 census). It is considered a ghost town by some, but they at least had a functional post of

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