0/+107: The Wedding Part 2: The Ceremony

It still feels like yesterday, and at the same time, it feels like years ago that I walked down the aisle and married this wonderful man. We are having a blast and still learning about each other on a day to day basis. Our future looks bright and I’m so excited that we have so much to look forward to. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, you want to know about the ceremony and the week where this all began. You’ve heard Bryan’s perspective, now here’s mine: Sometimes the week before the wedding is a blur, but I am forever grateful that my cousin came into town a week ahead of time to help me iron out the final details! Thursday, the rest of my girls arrived and we were able to hang out to

0/+90: The Wedding Part 1: Setup

For obvious reasons, we did not actually make a post with 0 days to go, so I thought maybe our ninety-day anniversary would be a good time for a recap. That's right, folks, NINETY. Setting Up The majority of the work for our wedding really started the day before, when we got the keys to the site and could start decorating. After being worried about the threat of rain all week it turned out to be very sunny, though on the cold side. Tashia's family arrived in the morning and they, along with my family and some of our wedding party got to work setting everything up. Nobody thought to take any pictures, so we only have one action shot: But don't our decorations look good? We made them all ourse

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