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BONUS Honeymoon: The Ghosts of Colorado (And More)!

Ever since I watched Life After People I've been obsessed with abandoned man-made structures. And man, Colorado is full of them!

In the middle of the 19th century, thousands of people moved out west hoping to strike it rich in the gold rush. Colorado is dotted with the towns these adventurers created to live in wherever gold was found... but once the gold ran out, so too did the settlers. In some cases the towns found a different industry and are thriving today, and in some cases the towns haven't had residents for 50 years or more. Most of the ghost towns are on the western part of the state (we were exploring the central/eastern portion), but we did manage to pass through a few on our journey.

And now as an EXTRA special bonus for those of you who stuck with us this long, here's a smattering of some of my favorite pictures from the trip that didn't make it into any of our posts (click on them to see in their full glory):

Overall I can't say anything bad about our trip. It was just before tourist season so nothing was overly busy, and just after the snowy season so everything was open. We got to experience hot, cold, sunny, snowy, mountainy, plains...y, urban, rural, and suburban Colorado. Most of our food was fantastic (though I did start to get a little tired of breakfast burritos by the end) and we didn't meet one native who had a mean thing to say. We didn't skip anything that we regret not seeing, but there were plenty of things left to make a future trip worth it.

Maybe for our five-year anniversary?

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