She Said: What's For Dinner? Pork Roast!

As most of you know, I began to embrace the Clean Eating lifestyle about a two years ago. Let me tell you, it is one of the best things I've ever done! It has made me much healthier and energized! Not to mention, the creativity has spiked since I started the plan! Plus, since Bryan loves to cook as much as I do, we have come up with some pretty delicious meals! I've been thinking lately, though, why should we keep these amazing meals all to ourselves? My friends are constantly asking for my recipes, so why not just give them to the world! In other words, welcome to one of my (many) categories of blogs that will feature on the "She Said" portion of our family website: What's For Dinner? On th

Colorado Honeymoon Days 0 and 1

The honeymoon! I could go on and on for weeks about the amazingness of our time in Colorado, but I promise not to. Can’t guarantee how long I will go, but I promise not to make it weeks. :) Now, what is more perfect for a geology major than the mountains for a honeymoon? I was excited to get there, though, for some reason, was still able to sleep the night before. Couldn’t have anything to do with the long day of wedding festivities, oh no ;) Day 0 Sunday morning we woke up for a leisurely morning of breakfast and goodbyes with my family that had to drive back that day, followed by opening of our wedding gifts and packing up those last few items that we were bound to forget until right bef

He Said: Old Websites and Banana Bread

I've had a lot of websites over the years. Every now and then I look back at those old sites and shudder at how awkward I was as an 11 year old. But as time goes on those sites are starting to close or get bought out or otherwise lose my account information. The only record I have of my very first website is a Wayback Machine archive of the cheesy loading page (which then shunts you to the main page, which doesn't exist) and a page of dubious weird facts. How long ago was it? If you look close enough you can find reference to an email address* * Here's a weird fact: I could still sign in to that AOL account! I'm also pretty sure they did the whole "we'll send you a text to make sure

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