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345: She said yes!

Obviously since this is our wedding website, you know Tashia already said yes to my proposal. But did you know that I recorded the whole thing on three different video sources and spliced them together into an epic, multi-camera masterpiece?

Well actually when I thought I was setting the webcam to record video I was actually just getting it to take a still image, so I didn't get much from it. So, did you know I recorded the proposal on two different video sources and spliced them together into a pretty decent picture-in-picture play-by-play?

Oh, and my camera died part way through (for unknown reasons), and only captured the first couple minutes. And the other "camera" was a screen capture of my computer screen, so I never technically got a video of the proposal itself, just one of what was on the screen when I proposed (and it wasn't the words "will you marry me?").


Did you know I tried really hard but all I got was a screen capture of the Excel sheet I used to propose? Anyway, here it is in all it's glory:

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