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387 Days (Or So): Hurry Up And Wait

I never thought wedding planning was going to be so much "hurry up and wait".

We've visited ten or so wedding venues (most of them with at least one fatal flaw), three bridal shows (I only went to two of the three... the two lamest ones), one stationer (who, despite advertising flexibly low pricing, doesn't seem anywhere near our price range), and countless catering and baking websites.

We've set up our wedding website (obviously –you're on it) and our first registry.

We've got our guest list down to a reasonable number even after talking to our parents.

We've picked out our bridesmaids, groomsmen, ceremony musician, and officiant (though none of them know it yet).

We've already bought Tashia's wedding dress. (She makes me leave the room every time she shows someone a picture. Come on, I already know what it looks like. It's white and has lace and stuff).

But right now, we are basically stuck in a holding pattern, for several reasons. For one, the venue we've chosen can't be booked any more than one year in advance! That means the catering, decorations, band, rentals, and so on can't be coordinated because we don't know for sure that we will be able to secure the location we want (ok, we are 99% sure, but still). We've all-but designed the invitations and save-the-dates, but it's way too early to send anything out. You can't book some of the other details this early, and besides, since a big reason for having such a long engagement was to have time to save money for the wedding... we need to take time to save money for the wedding!

So after a month or so of "hurry up", now we are stuck at "and wait". Everyone keeps telling us the time will past faster than we ever expected. I surely hope so, because I just can't wait!


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