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96: It's just around the corner!

Where has the time flown?! In just 6 short days, we will be at the 3 month mark! I admit, I'm have been feeling the pressure lately. Without a band lined up, and invitations still in the preview stage, it doesn't feel like everything is going to get done. But, in the end, we will be married and we will be happy! :)

I do have some good news to share, though! We have checked another two things off of our list! We booked our cake maker at the end of last year, so get ready for some cheesecake! Jerry's Cheesecakes is going to be making our cake and I am super excited. We are going to be getting a three tier cheesecake with three different flavors of deliciousness! Our next step is to go in for some taste testing to figure out which flavors we want....darn, such a hardship. :P

Also, we booked our band this morning! Last night, we headed down to MLT's for a live music show of a band we were recommended to check out by a friend from my bootcamp (Thanks Tara!). They are going to be just perfect! With three band members playing a combination of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals, we are set up for success. And they are super versatile, with music ranging from Classic Rock to County, to Top 40's Hit Songs. Love it!

In other news, Bryan sent our personally designed (yes, by Bryan himself) to the company to get a sample invite back. We haven't heard anything yet, but as soon as we take a look at the physical sample, we can make some final adjustment and get them ordered! It couldn't be soon enough! This is my biggest point of stress at the moment: that the invitations won't come in in time for us to send them out.

My bridesmaids have all ordered their dresses (and I'm so excited, they look super cute) and the groomsmen have been fitted for tuxes. It will be a lovely wedding, though I will be missing two of my bridesmaids for the final day. I wish Susan all the luck in her new job in Austrailia and do not plan to force her to pay the thousands of dollars for a plane ticket home just for one day of celebration. And Bonnie is having a lovely baby boy and will be unable to travel so far into her pregnancy. Take care of that baby, girl! Both are going to Skype in for the wedding, so they will be there in "technology spirit."

All is looking up and, after visiting the site again today, we have a better understanding of what things we need to get together: decorations, lighting, generators for power, aisle runners, etc. It's all coming together, people! Exciting!

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