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Honeymoon Day 2: Boulder-Dash!

Yes, I made a map for our honeymoon

On the second day of our honeymoon we decided to come down out of the mountains and explore the city of Boulder and the surrounding areas. After stopping in Lyons for some breakfast at The Stone Cup, we drove along the edge of the mountains all the way into town.

Our first stop was the Celestial Seasonings factory to take their tour. This was my third trip to Colorado (my aunt and uncle used to live here) and the third time I've been to the tour. It is, however, the first time I've had to wear a beard net.

After the tour was finished and we perused the gift shop, and sampled every kind of tea they had to offer, we weren't quite ready for lunch yet, so we headed around the corner to the Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art. The museum consists of western-themed art (statues and paintings, mostly), from the private collection of Ed Trumble, the owner of the Leanin' Tree Greetings Card Company. It turns out that it was fortunate for us that we went when he did. When finding links for this blog post I discovered that Ed has decided to sell his collection and close down his museum! It's been closed for about 6 months now.

Side Note: I didn't know it at the time, but we were only a 10-minute drive away from the headquarters of my favorite hobby electronics shop, SparkFun. (I talk a little about them in this post.) We could have taken a tour! Oh well, gotta leave something for next time (Tashia reminded me of this a lot as I was trying to jam pack absolutely every last thing into our trip).

Next, we headed into downtown Boulder proper to check out Pearl Street Mall and grab some grub at Pizzeria Locale. Fun fact: they opened up a branch of Pizzeria Locales in Cincinnati not long before our trip. I got talking to one of the workers and found out that the franchise is based off of the original store in Boulder, which is more of an artisan pizzeria and bakery concept. Both the original and the franchises are amazing!

We walked around Pearl Street Mall some more checking out the little shops and stores. Once we'd had our fill (of both shopping and gelato from one of the stores), we made our way back towards our temporary home in the mountains. But first we stopped by Gateway Fun Park for a little bit of putt putt! Being the middle of the day on a weekday in the off season, I think we were the first customers those guys had seen all day. Even the local wildlife came out to see us!

We hit Oskar Blues in Lyons for dinner, then headed back up the mountain, enjoying a few sites along the way.

We eventually found our way back to our cabin and enjoyed a quiet evening in. Knowing it was our last day in this particular cabin, we savored as much of the atmosphere as possible.

It was a good thing, too, because the next cabin wasn't quite so... quaint. But you'll have to wait for next time to find out about that one!

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